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16 November 2021

Appointment of Executive Team for NFT11

As NFT11 continues to grow from strength to strength, the board has decided that NFT11 should emerge from the incubation cocoon of AI Sports and as such an inaugural leadership team will be put in place to guide NFT11 into the next stages of growth and development.

Finding the right balance between E-sport football enthusiast and corporate leadership was a challenge. The existing team has done a tremendous job, and to ensure as little disruption as possible, the natural choice was to look for talented individuals that have already worked well with the existing team as well as held key leadership roles.

As such NFT11 is glad to welcome Andrew Ling as the appointed interim CEO, and Shawn Lin as the interim COO. Both Andrew and Shawn are board members overseeing the parent organisation Dimension’s business and investing interests, along with AI Sports and NFT11, marking their first foray into the GameFi industry. They both have led past and ongoing business ventures in the Finance, Technology and Hospitality sectors. Andrew confesses he dreams of going pro in Starcraft 2 and Shawn dabbles in FPS’s too often for his own good, making them perfect candidates to develop NFT11 into a leading blockchain game!
05 November 2021

AI Sport Technology acquired controlling stake in NFT11, in its first foray into the "Game-FI" space.

AI Sport Technology concluded a stake in an NFT based football blockchain game, NFT11, for an initial USD400,000 and stock options back in August 2021. With AI Sport’s technology, NFT11 will be able to explore using data to optimise players’ ratings, as well as Clubs’ ratings in the NFT11 Metaverse. This acquisition marks AI Sport’s maiden foray into the GameFi universe, where existing capabilities can be synergistically melded with the NFT gaming environment. As a pioneer in class platform capabilities outside of gameplay, NFT11/AI Sport will gain the ability to explore areas such as sports analytics and E-gaming competitions.
“When I first took over as CEO of the company, the business climate evolved tremendously, we were looking at venturing into new tech spaces like GameFi, and NFT11 simply caught our attention with the similarities that we hold.” commended by

Mike Lam, current CEO of AI Sport Technology.

“AI Sport is also working closely with the management at NFT11 on restructuring and putting the right talents in place to fuel the dynamic growth. It has been an eventful year and we hope to bring more good news to NFT11’s growing community,” he added.
27 October 2020

AI Sport and Southampton F.C. Announce Official Partnership

AI Sport and Southampton Football Club today announced an Official Partnership today, bringing together two established brands in football. AI Sport will become an Official Partner of Southampton Football Club for the season of 2020/2021.

“We are excited to team up with Southampton Football Club, one of the oldest and most loved football clubs in the UK. Our new partnership with Southampton Football Club clearly underlines our positioning in football analytics and will help us to further strengthen our presence in key markets around the world. We look forward to collaborating and developing our technology with such an established football club and to bring our latest AI Technology and features to its fans.”

Max Wong, AI Sport Technology CEO

Southampton Football Club is an English Premier League football club based in Southampton, Hampshire, England. The Club was established in 1885, and has been nicknamed “The Saints” due to its history as a church football team, being founded as St. Mary’s Church of England Young Men’s Association. The Saints famously won the prestigious English FA Cup in 1976, beating Manchester United 1-0 in one of the greatest ever FA Cup upsets in history as they were a second division team at that time. The Saints have continued to thrive in the Premier League to this day, having completed over 20 seasons in the Premier League and accumulating close to 1,000 points.

“We are delighted to be partnering with AI Sport as they launch their innovative new platform, bringing their cutting-edge use of AI Technology and data analytics to sports fans worldwide.”
David Thomas, Southampton Football Club CCO

Combining artificial intelligence technology and big data analytics, AI Sport Technology amplifies the intelligence of sports data machine learning, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, assessments, decisions, evaluations, and insights. Using AI algorithms modelled on the biological principle of big data sports set online and via social networks, our award-winning platform is empowered.

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